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Hair Treatments

in Hertford, Hertfordshire

Having beautiful hair is a womans crowning glory; Our hair should not only look good but should feel good too and this takes some extra TLC. Great hair doesnt just happen; of course when we are born our hair is perfect, however once we hit our teens and so-on, this is when a lot of us begin to have chemical trearments to alter our natural colour.

Chemical treatments have come along way over the last decade, many being less harsh if delivered in the correct way. But even so we still have to take a certain amount of resposability in maintaining hair-health. It is important to maintain strong, healthy hair and by using the correct home care plus regular visits to your favorite stylist will put you on the rights tracks in achieving good hair condition. Your professional hardresser can provide you with usuful tips on how to care for your hair between visits.

Once we hit later years and menopause sets in, this can have a major effect on our hair structure affecting the way we feel and the overal condition of our hair. Fluctuating hormones can result in hair loss and general thinning; and in some cirumstances bald patches. Decreased production of estrogen and progesterone result in slower hair growth, thinning and the hair structure becomes dry and brittle; not forgetting the decreased collagen production. Menopause can have a big imapct on the way we feel as a woman affecting our self esteem and confidence. However, there is lots we can do to help boost our confidence.

Regular hair cuts alone help prevent split end and breakage whilst encorouging hair growth. Professional prodcuts that meet your specific needs are so important in the management of your hair and not forgetting a proper balanced diet containing all the vital nutrients for health and vitality.

Take a look at some of the hair treatments below and start to treat your hair in the same way you would treat your skin.

Loreal Serie Expert

Loreal Serie Expert Inforcer

Loreal Serie Expert Resveratrol Colour targets coloured hair that has become dry and weakened from the colouring process. This specialist mask wraps the hair in a lightweight film to protect the hair from environmental damage and absorption of pollutants preventing the hair from further damage or breakage.

Helps prevent colour fade, nourishes and enhances shine.

Loreal Serie Expert Prokeratin Liss Unlimited

Loreal Serie Expert Prokeratin Liss Unlimited targets rebellious hair that is prone to frizz. Loreal Serie Expert Liss Unlimited nourishes and purifies the hair; its anti-frizz effect protects against humidity leaving hair feeling soft and smooth.

Serie Expert B6 + Biotin Inforcer

This Loreal Serie Expert B6 + Biotin mask is vitamin-enriched with Biotin and B6 that is specifically for fragile hair that is in need of extra strength. With continued use of this product range hair become less fragile and more resistant to breakage. Hair becomes easier to manage. Long hair is well-suited to this treatment.

Matrix Color Sync

Glossing Treatment

So what is a glossing treatment for hair? Most simplified as a demi-permanent colour that helps enhance the hairs natural shine that helps correct and revitalize the tone of your hair.

Matrix Color Sync and NXT offer a variety os shades, including clear, to help correct hair colour or enhance the natural tone of the hair.

Hair becomes silky-smooth and shiny with minimal or zero damage to the hair.

There are also hair glossing or glazing products that can be used at home and directly after a salon glossing treatment and before the blow-dry service that, lock in colour by smoothing the hair cuticle to prevent colour fade and external environmental damage to the hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Keratin Bond Repair Treatment

Schwarzkopf Keratin Bond Repair Treatment is a deep repairing treatment used to complete and maintain a blonde service. The Keratin Bond repair treatment creates new bonds within the hair fibres thus repairing the internal structures of fragile hair that has undergone a chemical lightening service.

Smoothes the hair cuticle and balances moisture levels improving porosity creating shine and tangle free hair

Schwarzkopf Bonacare Q10+ Time Restore

This is my number one go-to product and treatment for mature hair that is suffering the effects of the ageing process and menopause.

The Bonacare Q10+ Time Restore repairs structual damage and restores moisture levels to dry-damaged and brittle hair. The Q10 nutrient reactivates keratin production in the hair bulb to rejuvenate hair and is also present in many anti-ageing skin care products. All the products in this range use a powerful cocktail of skin care technolgies such as Hyaluronic acid, Peptides and Collagen famous for their anti-ageing properties that retsore strength, elasticity and volume.

The effects are glossy, super-smooth and tangle free hair.

Dont let your hair get you down